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FRANE  MLINAR Orange you Blue
Orange you Blue
Painting - Oil on Canvas
40 x 60 in
FRANE  MLINAR Blue and Orange
Blue and Orange
Painting - Oil on Canvas
60 x 72 in

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FRANE MLINAR Description

 Frane Mlinar, born in Croatia in 1959, graduated from the Art Academy of Sarajevo in 1981, and the following year at aged 23 became the youngest member of the Croatian Association of Fine Arts. In 1984, he earned a Masters Degree in Teaching Art Techniques. He now lives in the United States. 

Today, Frane Mlinar is considered a master of the Realist genre, a superb painter whose exceptional work is of an extraordinary high quality. His photo-realistic style is technically superb in composition and execution, creatively brilliant and remarkably distinctive. His rich, vibrant canvases delight and stimulate the eye yet at the same time are emotionally evocative and tranquil. 

Mlinar enjoys an international reputation. His work has been widely reported in the media for more than a decade, including reporting in Art and Antiques and Architectural Digest, and exposure on CBS and CNN. 

His art has been exhibited widely in his homeland where he enjoys national recognition and his work is in the personal collection of the President of the Republic of Croatia. He has also exhibited in Italy, Switzerland, the United Kingdom. 

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