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Painting - oil on board
8 x 14 in

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ANN HARTLEY Description

Born on Cape Cod, Katherine Ann Hartley began her artistic studies at Scottsdale Community College. She then studied privately with John Court in Arizona and in Portugal.

At the recommendation of Court, Hartley moved to New York City to study still life painting with David Leffel at the Art Students League. She rented a studio and remained in N. Y. for ten years before returning to the Cape to continue painting and to eventually begin to teach at the Cape Cod Museum of Art.

Hartley’s paintings are not attempts at exact renderings of the elements before her. With the use of obvious brush strokes and exposing the delicate under painting, she purposefully stops short of photo realism. Her paintings depict familiar objects that serve to remind us of the beautiful harmonies that can be evoked by simple groupings of every day objects.

She is affiliated with Oil Painters of America, Allied Artist of America and is a life time member of the Art Students League and is the recipient of many awards. She has been featured in Cape Cod life magazine, American Artist and American Art Collector Magazine.

Katherine recently relocated back to Scottsdale, Arizona after twenty five years where she continues to paint.

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